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We are a family of five, living in a small town in the middle of Jutland, Denmark. Our street is located quite centrally and is surrounded by a mix of villa residential areas and apartment buildings. Our house is from 1913 and we have a 1.600m2 garden.
Since 2017, we have been changing our garden: replacing the lawns in an attempt to increase self-sufficiency in fruits, berries, nuts, herbs and perennial vegetables; to increase biodiversity and improve soil. We are also in the process of changing our lifestyle in line with permaculture values, choosing voluntary frugality, financial independence and self-reliance to the extent possible. 
In 2022 we have started the A&B Permaculture company that offers permaculture solutions and products.
We would like, also by setting an example, to motivate people to reduce lawn space and change the neat looking gardens, that merely look like nature, but in reality, require a load of resources to preserve, without any contribution to the environment or any yield. We hope to gradually establish more community ties around us and contribute to spreading the knowledge in Denmark and abroad.



Aleksandra is an internal project manager in wind industry and applies her skills to managing permaculture projects.

Aleksandra took her Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in 2018 with Tycho Holcomb, Karoline Nolsø Aaen and Cathrine Dolleris.

In 2019 she started on a diploma in permaculture, that primarily focused on developing her homestead and changing her family’s lifestyle, to a more self-reliant, financial independent and healthy life. It’s her aspiration to discover how much additional yield a villa garden and lifestyle change can generate.

In 2022 Aleksandra took the Teaching Permaculture Teachers training, an amazing training with Alfred Decker and Cathrine Dolleris.

Aleksandra is the author of “Hvem kan li’ dræbersnegle?”.


Boris is an engineer, working in wind industry. Alongside that, he is a painter. Boris' artworks are inspired by nature and by the unobvious beauty of many things around us. He calls himself "half-realist, half-impressionist, half-expressionist". 

Boris is very eager about the permaculture lifestyle and wants to use his skills to promote it. As an engineer, he is particularly fond of the technical side of it: mapping, rain collection and irrigation systems, construction and water management.

Boris is looking forward to be taking the PDC course sometime soon.


Sophia (17)

Sophia is curious about permaculture and grateful for all the green goodness that we harvest in the forest garden, as well as the edible flowers that she diligently uses in desserts. She took her PDC in the summer of 2022 with Tycho Holcomb, Karoline Nolsø Aaen and Cathrine Dolleris. 

Benjamin (12)

It was thanks to Benjamin that we started our journey with animals. Mokka, our Shiba Inu puppy, is the first one to join our family.

We hope very soon to introduce chickens to our villa garden. You can’t surprise a permaculturalist with a chicken, but for two office workers who were raised in apartments in big cities it’s a huge step. It is amazing where permaculture journey can take you.

Jonathan (5)

Masanobu Fukuoka in his book “The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming” wrote: 

“The ones who live peacefully in a world of no contradictions and no distinctions are infants. They perceive light and dark, strong and weak, but make no judgments.”

Jonathan is providing us with his insights, and we learn to slow down and observe with him. He is the one who spots all the changes in the garden first, be it the new flower arising or a berry ripened.

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